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Graduate Students

Dr. Nijdam-Jones will be accepting a student into the clinical psychology graduate training program who has a strong interest in research and training in the area of forensic psychology. Please email Dr. Nijdam-Jones for more details and include (1) a brief description of your interests in the lab as well as relevant research, clinical or professional experience, (2) your resume/CV, and (3) an unofficial transcript.

Undergraduate Students: Honours and/or Volunteers

The Psychology, Law, and Culture lab accepts volunteers and honour students to start in September and January of each academic year.  Honours students are generally accepted in September and January for honours supervision for the following year. Volunteers in the lab are asked to make a commitment of 7-10 hours a week for a minimum of 9-months. For honours students, experience in the lab for a year prior to the start of the thesis year is required. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application form and email Dr. Nijdam-Jones with a (1) brief description of your interest in the lab, (2) your resume/CV, and (3) your unofficial transcript(s).